Teaching yoga is more than a career… it’s a calling!

And each time you step onto your mat, you experience the transformative power of yoga and fall in love a little more.

You may have never thought of yourself as a yoga teacher… but your desire to go even deeper into this discipline led you to a class… then a workshop… then a retreat…

And you finally took the plunge and became a yoga teacher!

Now, teaching certificate in hand, you and your yoga mat are ready share this powerful practice with the world.

You imagine teaching in beautiful studios, leading packed classes, hosting retreats in gorgeous exotic locations.

Throw in a few private clients and you’ve got a thriving career. Right?

Not yet.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve realized the skills you learned in yoga teacher training are dramatically different from the ones you’ll need to create a sustainable + profitable career as a yoga teacher!

That’s Why We Made The from Yogi to Yogipreneur™ Virtual Conference

YPWebsiteFeatures2I’m Racheal Cook, and after mentoring hundreds of yogi-hearted entrepreneurs since launching The Yogipreneur in 2008, I’ve seen it all.

Single moms fully supporting their families by teaching yoga {and HUSTLIN’ to make it happen}.

Corporate lawyers who left 6 figure jobs to teach private yoga {ironically enough… to other lawyers}.

Creative yogis who brought a practice to communities where there was none by hosting classes in art museums, galleries, and other unique spaces.

Multi-passionates who combined everything from yoga + life coaching, to yoga + nutrition, to yoga + competitive rowing…

I’ve seen yogis who have launched successful teaching careers that were profitable within a few months, and yogis who’ve struggled to pay the bills… even after years of teaching.

Yogis who have waiting lists for privates, and yogis who’ve had to pick up shifts tending bar after their classes.

As more teachers graduate yoga teacher training… I see lots of mistakes.

Lots of stumbling. Lots of frustration. Lots of disappointment.

Maybe you’ve experienced what I’m talking about…

:: You graduate teacher training and immediately start looking for teaching jobs, only to realize that 1) you often can’t get hired without experience and 2) you can’t get experience without teaching classes!

:: You’ve thought about offering private yoga lessons, starting your own classes, or teaching corporate yoga… but are you really ready, and…how do you even get started?

:: If you don’t live in a yoga loving metropolis… there might be a few {or NO} yoga studios in your town with not enough teaching positions to go round {*hint* smart yogipreneurs create their own opportunities!}

:: Searching on Google only leads to more confusion as you get a million blog posts full of tips + tricks, but no real cohesive strategy to build a sustainable career.

:: So you start asking around and find out that even though many teachers have invested thousands of dollars into their yoga training + education, way too many are financially struggling to make ends meet {which is why so many yoga teachers simply can’t afford to turn their passion into their full-time focus}.

In fact, in the 2016 Yoga In America Research Study, of the 1000+ yoga teachers surveyed – only 29% of those teachers do yoga as their only profession and well over 67% are teaching yoga part-time.

Another study from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that while the average yoga teacher salary is $35K – 50% of yoga teachers earn less than $31,000 and 75% never break $46,000. In fact… only the top 10% of yoga teachers make more than $63,000 per year.


50% of yoga teachers earn less than $31,000


75% of yoga teachers never break $46,000


Only 10% of yoga teachers make more than $63,000

And while you may not have become a yoga teacher for the money…

You Deserve to Make an HONEST Living Doing What You Love!

Wouldn’t it be nice to know you have enough to live your comfortable lifestyle {without stressing over bills + expenses}?

Wouldn’t it feel luxurious to be able to take off Saturday AND Sunday {and evenings too}?

Wouldn’t it be a dream to have a LIFE again — complete with family dinners, girl’s nights out, romantic getaways, peaceful yoga practices and the occasional massage?

Truthbomb:: You CAN Thrive As A Yogipreneur!

Sometimes no matter how HARD you work at developing your practice or refining your teaching skills, you simply don’t see your yoga career thrive.

And, yeah, that’s frustrating. But…

Visualizing the yoga career of your dreams AND actually attracting perfect-for-you students are two COMPLETELY different things.

If You’re Ready to Make a Good Living as a Yoga Teacher,

I’ve Got Some Good News!

You are not alone. No one taught you how to start and run a biz in teacher training! Being an entrepreneur is an entirely new mindset and skill-set {and those CAN be learned!}.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. When you begin from a place of co-creation + collaboration, you accelerate your professional growth and your business. You’ll be learning from the successes AND mistakes of your peers and mentors.

If you’re ready to get the yoga business education + training you need, take responsibility for your career, and commit to making it happen –
you’re in the right place!

I’m bringing together over 20 of my favorite yogi-hearted entrepreneurs who have discovered exactly what it takes to make the transition from expensive hobby to booming yoga biz. In this VIRTUAL CONFERENCE collection these men and women will share their secrets on what’s really working for their yoga business.

I’ve specifically chosen these yogipreneurs + thought leaders because they truly WALK THEIR TALK. This isn’t gonna be an event full of motivational if-you-can-visualize-it-then-it-will-happen BS. These speakers are yogis who have stood exactly where you are right now… and rejected the status quo of becoming just another broke yogi.

From Yogi to Yogipreneur™ is designed to help you beat the odds and design a profitable & sustainable yoga career!

When you get the from Yogi to Yogipreneur Virtual Conference, you’ll learn to what’s really working for other yogi-hearted entrepreneurs just like you.

You’ll learn how to naturally attract your perfect community and experience a state of effortless flow… PLUS you’ll be surprised to discover that being an entrepreneur is much easier than you ever thought possible.

Getting started is easy… and FUN!

A masterclass collection for modern yoga businesses.

from Yogi to Yogipreneur Speakers + Masterclass Teachers

I’m so thrilled to share these amazing speakers with you and help you design the yoga business of your dreams! From Yogi to Yogipreneur is a showcase of multiple events with expert speakers, yoga business coaches, and just generally cool peeps who can help yogi-hearted entrepreneurs learn something new, take action, shift perspective, and ultimately emerge with a revitalized energy to design your dream yoga biz.

What You’ll Get Inside The
from Yogi to Yogipreneur Virtual Conference

25 Masterclass videos covering the two HUGE topics of taking yoga Beyond the Studio, and how to define and improve your Branding from the Inside Out, each available for audio download, plus all of the handouts and worksheets from many of our speakers.

AND 20 Interviews with some of the biggest names in the yoga and wellness industry.


Taking Your Yoga Beyond the Studio

This collection blows the yoga biz wide open with dozens of innovative ways yogis can bring their practice to the people. This is all about helping launch your yoga biz quickly without hustling 25 classes a week. You’ll learn new yoga career paths like…

:: Building a private yoga biz

:: Offering high-value retreats

:: Developing a niche certification

:: Launching a virtual yoga studio

:: Partnering with corporations

:: And much more!


Branding From The Inside Out

We’re talk the soulful branding route to help you uncover your unique flavor of yoga and help share that message with the world. Through this collection of masterclasses, you’ll be diving deep into the multi-faceted elements of your yoga brand, including…

:: Discovering perfect-for-you clients

:: Honing in on your niche

:: Creating a kick-ass bio

:: Photography + visual branding

:: Focus on customer experience

:: And much much more!


Get Your Asana Into Inspired Action

Time to get off your asana and get into inspired action! Yogipreneur TV is a collection of 20 interviews done with some of the biggest names in the yogiverse who take you behind the scenes to learn their secrets of success as a yoga entrepreneur by…

:: Marketing yourself to studios

:: Building your online presence

:: Being a yoga parent-preneur

:: Mindful money management

:: Inspiration over obligation

:: And much more!

My mission is simple:: I want to give you all the tools you need to transform your passion into a business and life you love. 

Meet Your Host Racheal Cook
{Founder of}

I want to live in a world where yoga is prescribed over anxiety medication.

After my yoga practice helped me to recover from debilitating anxiety, panic attacks, and adrenal fatigue, I realized that yoga was a powerful catalyst for personal growth, health, and wellbeing.

But I quickly realized my calling wasn’t in teaching yoga on the mat:: it was sharing my 10+ years experience as a small business consultant and entrepreneur to help yoga entrepreneurs turn their passion into a profitable and sustainable business.

Since launching in 2008, I’ve been behind the scenes teaching over 20,000 yogi-hearted entrepreneurs to bring more yoga to more people.

from Yogi to Yogipreneur

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